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Our healthcare system is in shambles. We need to rebuild, but this time embracing a bigger definition of health. Our current system focuses on keeping us ill and addressing the symptoms therein.  


What I bring to the table, does not exist in our current political environment. We are conditioned to believe that we have only two choices when deciding who should be the leader of our country. And most times, those two choices represent the polar extremes of the conversation. With each new president, the pendulum of policy swings to the quickly from one side to the other, without ever resting or slowing in the middle. 

What I'm offering is an opportunity to join

a space to initiate true systemic change. The people who serve in government are our employees, but to take back control of this country we need to change our mindset. 

We can not move forward with the "Let's fix it" mindset. We need to look at the root of the problem and reevaluate how we got here. Once we know that, only then can we truly make the changes our country is yearning for.   



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