Transparent informed consent is essential. We, as the consumers, are entitled to know ALL of the facts before we make our decisions.


Address corporate capture between corporations and governmental agencies. There is a revolving door between those who have worked with governmental agencies and high paying positions with corporations.


Address outside influences on our legislation being introduced/passed.


Create structures to help both our businesses AND people thrive.


Revive a healthy work ethic and begin to lessen the many inequality gaps.


Establish accountability structures to affect the rampant corruption in our domestic and world systems.


Find alternative sources of revenue by redefining taxes on our people (we are taxed too much) and reevaluating how budget is spent to bring balance.


Establish worldwide cooperation to bring truth and honesty.

Truth isn't just being honest with your words but being true to the original intent by bringing it all the way into being. For example, a hospital can say they are patient centered on their webpage but doesn't actually treat patients that way. Our political, medical and corporate structures are full of words without actions to mirror the intent. Truth is present if there is physical evidence to support the words. However, realize that there can be different truths. My truth may be different than someone else's, with many of our issues stemming from there is only one truth that is correct.

Because most of us don't look beyond the words and are convinced there is only one truth, we get manipulated and controlled. Our election system is a good example.  We align ourselves with our favorite party because it stands for stances we want to see happen.  The other party stands for the polar opposite. There is very little truth that sees the light of day in this set up, as not much can come into the physical from fighting, dominating and bullying. Corruption breeds exponentially in this kind of medium.


On the other hand, when you come from a place of being passionate about expressing something, that's what we want. People who live this way won't cave or be manipulated because their truth has moved past just words into reality. There is actually a middle ground, where people can dialogue, and truth can be found in multiple sides. Something new can be created that covers much more than the polar opposite approach because openness and healthy boundaries are included. Corruption cannot live in this type of environment because there is no need for people to use corrupt practices to make things happen.

My Passions: Truth

My Passions: Truth


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