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 Healing our desire to follow the crowd and face our feelings of being uncomfortable because we stick out. This is true herd mentality manipulation.  Only those who are secure in their choices because they are acting from their heart, know what it feels like to do the right thing even it means the majority is not following. We often don't realize that those who are breaking away from the "popular" ways are offering  a seat to create a new reality.


Learning to not listen to words and promises as truth.  Most of us trust implicitly what people say.  The problem is people can say anything to get what they want.  Sales and marketing influencers use this approach all the time and have created lucrative markets because we believe what we are told, much like a parent and child relationship.  A good example is "trust the experts".  What if the experts are telling you what a larger group wants you to believe? Pure manipulation.  Words have no foundation unless there are physical supports to make them true and you then have to weigh them against what is true for you.


Seeing that we are being manipulated and then wanting to change our choices. It is a bitter pill to see that our current electoral system and governmental design, uses manipulation through marketing to create brands. One party is better and has to take back power or keep power.  Candidates are elected based on how well they created their brand through advertising and how much money they have.  Not only this, but it encourages those under the spell to keep giving money to the candidate(s), and/or brand, they want to see dominate. This approach eliminates critical thinking and needed discernment.  It is mind control and corruption 101.


Being honest with ourselves with all of the misuses of our trust and choices in the past. It is time to move forward, but we can't do it from hurt places.  It's not realistic for a person/group/agenda to save us, but to experience the power of doing our individual work. Only then can we elect someone who mirrors healing and healthy environments. There is no need to manipulate from this place, as joining becomes voluntary instead of forced and allows celebration of us being unique individuals and the gifts we all bring.  The marketing of one size fits all has no influence anymore.


Learning healthy boundaries. I didn't like setting them because I felt like I was being mean, but who I was being mean to was myself. Without boundaries, we become like the inflatable tube character in front of stores, just moving this way and that. Our country needs healthy boundaries right now. In order to do that, the person in our highest position has to know what healthy boundaries feel like and appreciate the purpose. Voting purely on party leaves out the quality of the person who is running,

which leaves out boundaries.

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