Address the corruption throughout our world systems.


Clean air, water and food, free of chemicals.


Implement and teach World Health Organization's definition of health (see



Address the many biomedical labs, whose purpose is researching and developing disease warfare.


Promote a peaceful and honoring approach to living on this planet.


Support research into all clean energy initiatives to return health to our planet,

which includes alternative fuel choices as well as potential health issues with smart meters/5G expansion.


Find creative ways to resolve differences, but still hold accountability.


Empower thriving populations


Address the many imposed power structures that keep select portions of the populace superior and inferior.


Encourage respectful uses of natural resources and surrounding environments.


Address climate change and begin restoring balance.


Realize that there has to be a healthy balance maintained from what we use/take and what we give back. All of us have to be good stewards.

People are the most valuable natural resource we have. We have to take care of and see that in ourselves before we can hope to help the planet. Resources are usually thought of as minerals, land, water, air or oil that occur naturally and are valued because they are essential to maintaining life on this planet. However, we create huge problems when we take advantage of, destroy and use without replenishing the delicate balance to provide sustainability. We are responsible, as equally valued resources, to take care of ourselves along with our fellow people and planet.

The World Health Organization has defined for years sustainable living goals for the world, yet much has not been implemented nor improved. We still have rampant poverty, issues with proper shelter/ food,  expanding problems with unclean water/air, with ever increasing inequalities in race/religions/freedoms and wealth. We are constantly at war with each other, within our own countries and abroad. Genocide is happening in ways we don't even see.  We have worldwide climate changes moving us closer to irreversible damage.  It is time to implement  and live an expanded sustainable definition which starts with respect and honor of each other and our planet.

My Passions: Healthy World

My Passions: Healthy World


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