Redefine our rights to be inclusive of civil and natural.


Implement no one group/race/gender/party is superior.


Redefine the reach of government power and empower inclusion of our people.


Include the right of the people to challenge our government(s) and actively participate in what/how is voted on.


Restructure the electoral system to allow freedom to run, regardless of political affiliation and make the vote for President/Vice President one elected by the people.


Hold our governments accountable and without discrimination, worldwide, to provide basic personal rights such as access to healthcare, clean air/water, shelter/housing and proper care of our resources to maintain the health of our planet.


Hold corporations and governments accountable in including natural rights when making decisions that affect our personal and surrounding environments.


Refocus the bottom line of corporations to include the effect on our people and environment versus making  the corporation and their stockholders money.


Enforce the rights of an individual to choose what goes into or is done to their body. This also applies to their surrounding environment.  In order to do this, total  transparent informed consent must be given and respected.


Acknowledge that if the people are being taxed to run our government(s), every effort should be made to start making a profit, which the taxpayers should have a right to share in from investing in this system.


Address the cost/incongruity of getting a college education, taking out loans and then not be able to pay them back.


Listen to our teachers to reform our educational system, which includes proper pay scales to reflect value in teaching and safe learning environments. For those states that have a lottery that was intended to supplement the education system, hold them accountable for those funds.

The right to vote, a fair trial and education are all examples of civil rights. Even our constitution and bill of rights fall under this category, as the definition of civil rights is based on the power of our governments to make sure basic civil rights are provided.  However, many believe that human rights or natural rights, which hold that there are God given rights inherently within all of us, should be the main determinant.  Most assume that civil rights and natural rights are one in the same, but this is not the case.

Even though our governments are imbued with the power of providing our civil rights, there is nothing to say that this power cannot be abused. Currently we are seeing our governments usurp our civil rights with mandates and legislation that completely override our framers' intent, because of state or federal emergencies, social unrest and/or manufactured fears.  If our governments have the right to provide rights to the people, they also have the right to take them away. Human rights are very simply exemplified by life, love and pursuit of happiness thru choice and free will. Human rights include our civil rights, but currently the reverse is not true.  Perhaps it is time for us to redefine.

My Passions: Civil And Natural Rights

My Passions: Civil And Natural Rights


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